The versatile bobo was created out of necessity. I was travelling in Turkey, my hair was dry and breakable and I desperately needed a hair tie. We stopped at a bus depot in the middle of nowhere and in this gift shop which looked abandoned I found these scrunchies with little bows on them that were made with a very soft pull elastic. I bought a navy blue and wore it everyday of my trip and was very upset I didn’t buy 100 of them. I noticed all the little Turkish school girls wearing them and realized that this was a thing in Turkey which made me fall in love with them even more. When I got home I started trying to make them but a little more elevated with velvets, leathers and silks. And the bobo was born. I wear it around the house, out to dinner, to workout, it instantly elevates any outfit effortlessly. This is me in Turkey with my first navy blue ‘bobo.’